Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Very cool magnets

There are some seriously cool toys, errr, magnets available nowadays (hattip to Boyd and an increasingly efficient US military-industrial complex). You can not only do some room temperature levitation stuff but check out this Maganview liquid! How cool is that?
Last time i had heard about magnetic fluids (or rather magnetic stuff in fluids) a company was trying to use them to give the illusion of 'space' when viewing 3D images. They had the liquid in little tubes stitched into a glove and depending on what you did with your hand in space (i assume you have on some goggles so you think you're grabbing something) different combinations of tubes would become magnetised and you would feel as though you had actually grabbed something. They were having trouble with maintaining the solution but maybe they've cracked that nut over the last 5 years - now that'd be cool, imagine grabbing a widget from a design engineer that only exists on a CAD program....


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