Friday, January 06, 2006

Anti-ballistic missle defence

The Age takes gullible reporting to a new level here.
Brendan Nicholson travelled to the US as a guest of Lockheed Martin
should be ringing bells on your crap-o-meter but our good friend Brendon, probably fresh out of his post-graduate 'analysing press statements' journalism degree can't help but relish the sound of all those dollars and tecchy-sounding phrases issued from on high by Lockheed Martin, that guru level extractor of public money.
In case you haven't heard about Dubbya's missile defence program, after 10's (100's?) of billions of dollars, every test has failed - and that's including the one's where they strap homing beacons to the target! Check out Bob Park for suitably cynical/realistic opinion.
As for the rest of the article, sounds like LM is getting a whole lot of Aussie dollars to call their own. Funny thing about military spending, you don't know you've screwed up royally until decades later...


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