Thursday, December 08, 2005

Transpower pylons kicked for touch?

here. Putting this decision off until 2021 is hardly going to help. I'm suspicious of a NIMTOO angle here and forgive me if i don't believe that Transpower is going to come up with a better plan over 15 years, it'll just ignore it until 2015 and then dust off the old plan again.
Waiting for LNG or new off-shore gas supplies though is a good idea, it would be far more sensible to build generation north of the Harbour Bridge or more plant at Otahuhu and generate it closer to where it's used. Renegotiating the Comalco contract doesn't help too much since we can't get that power to the north island, the current system is whacking up against capacity constraints on a regular basis (thats why the price spikes on a daily level, it's usually a rate problem not a capacity problem, the long term trend up is a capacity problem however).
And why do the protesters keep mentioning houses with little kiddies? There's no evidence that it is dangerous and if Transpower is paying you to plonk a pylon on your property, move your freekin house wherever you like (its part of the cost-benefit analysis...)


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