Thursday, December 08, 2005

CIA renditions across Europe

Gwynn Dyer in The Age today on the CIA flights moving prisoners to other countries so they can torture the bejeezus out of them.
What the hell is America doing? They have become what they claimed to be fighting against. Torture, lack of due process, kidnapping of suspects, deaths in custody, cruel and inhumane punishment - does anyone really think they are safer from suicide attacks because of this?? If so, you're a bigger idiot than i gave you credit for. Since it is (nominally) a democracy, I am forced to assume that the majority of Americans agree with this behaviour - if so, your founding fathers must be spinning in their graves.
I'd be wary about aligning myself with this country, best thing to do with a rabid dog (if you can't put it down) is to avoid it, don't get in its way, and let the thing die on it's own...


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