Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Gaia alarmist

The NZ Herald has a 'we're all doomed' story here from James Lovelock the Gaia hypothesist (is that a word?).
Good grief, quotes like:
'If any of us back up behind that idea we might just as well slit our wrists,' said Aubrey Meyer, the director of the Global Commons Institute
are just plain stupid (as is the website which i had to back track out of within 3 seconds due to the annoying flashing hyperlinks - if this is an indication of the professionalism of her outfit, and these days of course it is, then she's an idiot until proven otherwise).
As i've said before, the spring has been tightened, it has to play out as it will and we are nowhere near zero emmissions (thats the big challenge for this century) and the blunt fact of the matter is, the rich countries will be (mostly) fine, it's the poor countries that are screwed.
The other thing that is really depressing about the climate change argument is how facts are never independantly checked (not surprising since it's so damned complex) but most greeny zealots selectivily quote those they like (as do the BAUers) and scream abuse at anyone that disagrees with them (again, just like the BAUers). Sounds like a religion in the making.
I'm still not convinced politics and economics are up to the task of dealing with inter-generational issues, GHG's being just one of them popping up at the moment.


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