Monday, January 09, 2006

Trustpower windpower plans

Nice to see, hope they actually get round to it.
Generation in NZ is tricky since any decent slug of generation will tend to flatten the prices and hence if you're too late, you don't get the returns you expected. You end up playing double-double-triple bluff with everyone else wondering who's gonna get caught. Trustpower is lucky that it might be able to tap into existing transmission lines from its hydro station.
Meridian's plans are tricky, any sizable generation capacity in the Sth Is runs the risk of being stranded if the DC link across the straight maxes out. Look for Transpower to upgrade the link (a cost-plus funding monopoly) so that Meridian can pump it's juice north for sale. Yep, we're paying full price and the divedends go straight to Michael Cullen for subsequent redistribution to selected worthies...


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