Monday, January 09, 2006

NZ CRI's in the news

It's always nice to hear about work opportunities at home...
The commercial relevance of their research and the strong industrial links enjoyed by the CRIs is envied worldwide, McGilvary says.
Not entirely sure I agree with that statement Mr McGilvary, I don't know of anyone envious of NZ's research environment. And it's nice to know that everyone's aware that 'fully contestable' funding including salaries may not be the best inducement for long term investments in time by their researchers. This being NZ, I expect much hand-wringing and a non-commital policy review to be scheduled for say, 2010.
Funny how people that are actually making money from technical innovations such as Navman founder, Peter Maire, wonder why CRI's are trying to be commercial. After all, it's hard to do good science, and it's hard to commercialise a good idea. Why do beurocrats expect scientists to be able to do both and not harass businesses to do the same? (They own half the top 20 companies in NZ after all, they could make it happen - or is that a stealth tax?)


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