Thursday, May 04, 2006

The NZ climate debate

on DF's blog. Go on, read the comments. BTW he loves the climate coalition. This is what passes for debate in this arena. Science illiterates proclaiming on complex science. Kudos to the sciency types who were giving their time but basically: you can't reason someone out of something they didn't reason themselves into. Almost a definition of the scientific method and scientists as a group (i.e. they can reason themselves out of something).

I almost lost the will to live when one person started out with 'water is made of one hydrogen and 2 oxygens, and therefore is a lot like carbon dioxide'. Why the hell don't these people have rabid debates with their oncologists about price fixing from big-pharma? perhaps the immediacy of death by cancer has an impact on how much you trust an expert opinion?
stupid stupid debate. roll on to the next decade. oh, and worst case scenario, life on earth still goes on: it was, is and always will be the age of bacteria.
i understood this debate much more after reading jarod diamond's 'collapse'. go read it. now. substitute DF opinion of climate change with the guy on Easter Is chopping down the last bunch of trees. You can screw up your environment, we have the evidence...


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