Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rational thinking required

Think you've got what it takes to add to an emotive issue being discussed without trolling the other commentors? Good - I don't and I'd appreciate your balancing influence.
The Bioethics Council of NZ (which i think are a bunch of tree-hugging nutters, so i'm already on the back foot) has initiated a discussion forum on stem cell research. So far susan and brendan have trotted out:
  • corporations are evil
  • people will be owned
  • (and my favorite) C&P'ing the Nuremberg genocide definitions into a thread post
So please wander in (minimal registration req) and throw your opinion in. I expect somehow, somewhere these things are summarised and used as propaganda for ministerial briefings (oh the dismall state of politics these days) so we may as well try and halt the rising tide of wilful ignorance and intolerance (yes, stopping me doing something 'cause it conflicts with your beliefs is the very definition of intolerance, it's not a decision to be made lightly).


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