Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bruce McKay on Global Warming

Warning - you may actually be less smart after reading this than before you clicked on the link. Even seeing the link may have knocked a point or two off your IQ.

Step 1: denial - check
Step 2: grudging acceptance - check
Step 3: fix - .....
Step 4: adjustment - check

Hey hang on, what the £$%£$ happened to step 3??
oh and by the way, an agrarian economy may just have more to lose than most countries hmmm? and in case you haven't heard it elsewhere, nz is fine, the countries that get hammered and the people that die or are displaced are the ones that are poor today. business as usual is fine - yeah right.

and one other thing, if you've ever studied a dynamic chaotic system you may be aware of the fact that small changes don't always result in small responses. sometimes the response blows a big @£%£$ hole in your lab.

and yet another thing: it's emmissions per person that's important, not the country (you know emmissions = emmissions per person x persons, doing your bit means changing the first part).

and.... ah forget it.


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