Monday, September 26, 2005

Pay-for-Premium Content on NZ Herald

I was dismayed to see the NZ Herald has started to charge for the 'premium' content on its website. Of course they're welcome to try and make money from their content any way they see fit but i can't help but think they are wasting their position as one of the first web resources most people check on a daily basis. I mean seriously, can't they figure out a better way to make money from all those eyeballs? I much prefer the BBC's attitude, i can see them becoming a one-stop shop for BBC programs (internet TV), information and analysis world-wide. While you can argue about the incentives that a public funded news organisation has vs a for-profit newspaper, i don't think driving people away from your website is going to look like such a smart move in another few years. If you remember, one of the ways i was going to blog about science was to dig deeper about popular science stories in the NZ media, with the Herald being one of the key resources i was counting on. I'm not sure if i can use them anymore but the science isn't going away so i'll just have to be a little more creative in my pop-science links.


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