Thursday, December 08, 2005

Where does Tassy get these guys??

The Liberal Senator for Tasmaina, Guy Barnett, is proposing that all Australian ISP's filter internet content for porn for the sake of the children... (when your reason has been parodied on The Simpsons, it's time for some new dogma).
Ye Gods, with freaks like this keeping an eye on all the bad stuff in the world, who needs enemies? Here's some questions:
  1. Who gets to decide what 'porn' is?
  2. How long until they start censoring other sensitive on-line material?
  3. When exactly did you start hearing the voices that said you should tell the rest of us what we should and shouldn't do with our time?
In fact, regulate this: Go $%^$ yourself ya stuck up twat.

Yes, it is a little sad that the greatest communications medium ever built is being used initially for porn and gambling but hey, human nature is what it is; plenty of cool stuff is also going on.
If you want to spend $100 million dollars, how about building a .kids domain and verifying that all material on this domain is kid-friendly - far easier than forcing adults to opt-in for 'porn' (and how long until that list leaks onto the web huh??).
Or here's another idea, instead of putting the computer in little Johnny's room, how about keeping it in a public space of your home like the TV? Chances are little Johnny quite likes surfing for porn, if he's a fairly normal adolescent boy growing up in the 21st century anyway. As Scott Adams pithily said 'never bet against the laser like focus and dedication of a horny 18 year old kid trying to circumvent a porn filter'
Senator Barnett, you are my pick for Dickhead of the Day. Take a bow... and a flying £"$" at a rolling donut.


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