Thursday, August 24, 2006

RSNZ Energy Report for NZ

Just got this back from the RSNZ. I had wanted a pre-print of their energy report to comment on - it's actually something i'm qualified to have an opinion on, rare in a blog i know...
In May, the Royal Society's Energy Panel put out a call for individuals to comment and review the Energy Panel's current report. We received such overwhelming interest, from over sixty interested parties, that the Panel decided that a review process could not do justice to comments from such a large number. Hence the report was instead put through a technical review stage, with input requested from ten expert commentators including energy researchers and industry members.

Members of the Panel would like to apologise that the Panel was not able to provide you with an opportunity to comment but would like to thank you for your interest. The revised report is now in final production and a copy will sent to you as soon as it arrives from the printers.
What a strange process. Did they only expect the 10 people they wanted to comment to apply? 60 people doesn't sound like that many, especially considering that the RSNZ paints itself as the representative body of scientific opinion. I have alarm bells clanging in the back of my head - the phrase 'snow job' keeps flashing in bright neon red.
Ye Gods, they're probably going to recommend a hydrogen pipeline from the bluff into Otahuhu...
Anyway, i'm on the mailing list i guess so i wait with baited breath to have a looksee. I think i'm already on their blacklist after harassing their policy team on the economics of R&D. Strangely, their response to my email was infinitely better than their comment piece: why they didn't write that in the first place is beyond me.


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