Thursday, September 29, 2005

First Observation of a Giant Squid in the Wild

This has been getting plenty of TV and news coverage but you can actually look at the paper itself here. New Zealand gets a mention as having invested lots of time and effort into finding a giant squid in our backyard but as far as i'm aware, nothing that comes even close to this! I love it when something like this pops up on the pop-sci radar, to think that several hundred metres below the surface live giant creatures that we have absolutely no idea about, how cool is that? The paper describes a feature of these squid which is that their 2 really long tentacles are able to 'zip' together using their suckers to form a single strong, clawed appendage. Keep that in mind while you read that they are obviously a more active predator than thought before. These creatures are fascinating and i hope we hear more about them in the near future. Just goes to show, there's plenty left to discover out there.


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