Wednesday, August 30, 2006

You just gotta love The Herald

I thought my letter to the editor was as neutral as i could possibly make it, but i don't think the on-line science editor and I are ever going to get along. Magnet therapy and now this. Could this be the reason people think newspapers these days are only good for wrapping F&C's ?

I wonder if telling him that astrology pieces should be stuck in the entertainment section with Brittany's new diet and Madonna's shoe stories where they can be safely ignored by the sciency-types helped or hindered my cause...

Dear Joe:

Thanks for writing. I assume you are referring to:

The story is about how people (in this case astrologers and people who may have an interest in the subject) are reacting to a decision taken by scientists to no longer call Pluto a planet.
Surely scientists would like to know how their work affects other members of society.
And this story shows that interest in the cosmos is not restricted to professional scientists.

So I do not feel it is inappropriate to feature this story in our Tech and Science section.

Neil Sanderson, editor,
PO Box 32, Auckland, New Zealand


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