Friday, September 30, 2005

Animal Rights Extremists vs Huntington Life Sciences Pt II

Yesterday it was shown that the ARE's are continuing in their efforts to shut down research organisations they disagree with. Their strategy was/is brilliant, threaten the weakest supplier you can find, in this case it was the local nursery that looked after a number of Huntington's employees kids while they were at work. The nursery, understandably, wasn't going to put kids/employees at risk and promptly bumped the Huntington voucher scheme. Another success for unlawful anti-science activists. If you've got a problem with how research is done, protest and lobby lawfully and peacefully, there is no excuse for this sort of behaviour and i hope you get lobbed into the same bucket as every other terrorist organisation out there and treated accordingly.

You can view the video here (but i'm not sure the link is permanent) or if you're too late you might be able to find it in the channel 4 website here. As an aside, after 3 countries, channel 4 news is the best i have ever seen, you probably won't see it from the clips but the hosts are excellent and you know you aren't watching some pre-scripted advertainment, i.e. last night's intro included the comment '...and why is the government not able to use its anti-terror laws on animal rights extremists but can use them on 82 year old labour party members...', when was the last time you saw a TVNZ or TV3 anchor say something like that? Sorry to Australia's SBS, you're now second. And don't get me started on why i can stream news clips from this news show but can't from every other one around the world...


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